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Weekly Reader September 27, 2019

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

By: Hannah Rabalais, Program Officer

1. ‘We Want To Provide Hope:’ LA Rams, Café Momentum Host Pop-Up Dinner To Help At-Risk Youth

By: CBS Los Angeles

"The L.A. Rams are proving to be a force on the gridiron and in the community.

The team, with the help of the Ventura Correctional Facility, worked alongside Dallas-based Café Momentum to host a pop-up dinner in Southern California Monday night, helping to give young people coming out of incarceration a second chance.

Founded by chef Chad Houser, Café Momentum trains at-risk youth in all aspects of the restaurant business.

“It’s an incredible opportunity for us to learn more about the L.A. community, for us to meet people in the community that are doing incredible work and see how we can work alongside them as we look to grow and expand,” Houser said. “My running joke is that I want to open up more Café Momentums than Starbucks.”

Jonathan Franklin, with Rams Community Affairs & Engagement, says the event is only part of a larger effort by the team.

“Obviously we want to win Super Bowls but also we want to be a resource to the community. We want to provide the hope but also maintain it as well. And partnering with Café Momentum we’re able to accomplish that this evening,” he said."

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2. Kendra Scott launches UT program designed to empower future women entrepreneurs

By: KXAN, Yoojin Cho

"Kendra Scott and The University of Texas at Austin announced Tuesday the launch of the new Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute (WEL) at UT Austin.

WEL “aims to create a pipeline of courageous, creative female leaders who will change the world,” according to the news release. Scott started her jewelry company in 2002, and Austin remains home to her flagship store and design studio headquarters.

“We really want to teach the entrepreneur mindset,” Scott told KXAN. “It’s not just about owning a business. It’s about taking control of your own success and having the perseverance to jump over the obstacles that come your way.”

The institute will be at UT’s College of Fine Arts. Jan Ryan, Executive Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at CFA said. “It was very important that we listen to the students and what they wanted, and what they told us is that they need concrete, real equipping. They need to find ways to increase their confidence.”

She said WEL will be able to empower young women before they graduate and join the workforce. “In general, women entrepreneurs are, right now, in a true area of growth, so they need a lot more mentoring,” Ryan said. “They need funding, obviously, but even before funding, they need to be equipped to know what they actually need. They need inspiration.”

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3. The ‘With(in)’ Podcast Takes You Inside Prison, Made By The Inmates Who Live The Reality

By: CPR News, Stephanie Wolf

"Draper had been interested in creating a podcast for some time. So it seemed serendipitous when Hamilton presented the idea to the Sterling facility earlier this year. After some discussion, they decided on an interview format that incorporates as many voices as possible into the podcast.

“I think that it is important to highlight another person's experience because their truth is their truth,” Draper said.

Many of the incarcerated people involved in this, or chosen for interviews, are living most of their lives here for crimes like murder, robbery and assault. They grapple with remorse and fear. They seem keenly aware of the sorrow they’ve caused, and wonder how to manage that with the life they still must live."

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4. People Raise Over $2 Billion for Causes on Facebook

By: Facebook Newsroom, Naomi Gleit

"Five years ago, many of us drenched ourselves in ice water to raise awareness and money for ALS, spurring major developments to fight the disease. Not only did the Ice Bucket Challenge inspire millions of people to help those with ALS, it was the inspiration behind our first fundraising tools in 2015. 

Since then, people have raised over $2 billion to support the people and causes they care about on Facebook, with $1 billion of that coming from birthday fundraisers alone. By dedicating their special day to a nonprofit organization, people rally their friends and family to support important causes. From birthdays and Giving Tuesday to anytime throughout the year, over 45 million people have donated to or created a fundraiser on Facebook — which has more than doubled since last November."

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5. Selling Kids: When your trafficker is "family"

By: Alabama Public Radio, Pat Duggins

"So, I think we have more familial trafficking," says Teresa Collier. She’s with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, also known as ALEA. She’s considered the state’s point person on human trafficking. Collier works for ALEA’s Fusion center which deals in intelligence. That means she spends a lot of time interacting with federal and local law enforcement. Collier also does lots of interviews in the field with victims of trafficking in Alabama. And, she says she’s noticed a pattern.

"You might have a mom, where the only way she can keep her house or wherever she’s staying, is to let her landlord get access, sexual access, to her kid. That happens quite a bit,” she says.

In other words, familial trafficking."

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