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Weekly Reader, October 18, 2019

By: Hannah Rabalais, Program Officer

1. A Pioneering Ohio Courtroom Helps Trafficking Victims Find Hope

By: NPR, Paige Pfleger

"Herbert realized the law didn't recognize these women as victims of human trafficking. So he pitched the idea of a courtroom dedicated to recovery, not punishment. It's called CATCH Court, which stands for Changing Actions To Change Habits.

"We didn't have the vocabulary that we do, even the vocabulary, let alone the way society looked at these women," Herbert says. "So it was pretty much, we were kind of a laughingstock."

At the start, CATCH was one of only a few such programs in the country.

There are now seven of these specialized courts in Ohio alone. There are similar programs in Texas, Illinois, Tennessee and Louisiana, and Herbert has helped cities get the courts up and running."

Read and listen to the full article here:

2. JPMorgan Chase Awards TREC Community Fund With $6 Million Investment


"JPMorgan Chase will be investing the $6 million over three years through the TREC Community Fund, which has formed a collaborative partnership between the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) Education & Innovation HUB, LiftFund and the Texas Mezzanine Fund, to implement the investment. Called the Dallas Collaboration for Equitable Development (DCED), the collaborative partnership will leverage shared resources to meet the capacity, programming and access to capital needs of all partnering community organizations.

“It’s important to recognize not everyone is sharing in Dallas’ amazing economic expansion. JPMorgan Chase is committed to creating greater opportunity in these struggling Dallas neighborhoods – and for the families who live there,” said Elaine Agather, chairman of JPMorgan Chase in Dallas. “Our investment in The Real Estate Council Community Fund and collaboration with their dedicated community partners will have a lasting impact to help these neighborhoods thrive and grow in a way that allows current residents to participate in the transformation. The terrific, insightful work done as a result of last year’s PRO Neighborhoods investment demonstrated that these neighborhoods and partners are ready to take a bold leap forward.”

The JPMorgan Chase PRO Neighborhoods investment represents a major milestone for TREC, which two years ago launched the Dallas Catalyst Project through the TREC Foundation, allocating an initial three-year $1 million investment to The Forest District with an overarching goal of spurring exponential investment through place based strategies and creating catalytic real estate projects and community engagement. This year’s PRO Neighborhoods investment achieves a significant goal of the Dallas Catalyst Project, while building upon last year’s $400,000 investment, which focused on developing a research and data-driven strategic plan to deliver resources toward economic inequality in the City of Dallas and within the three impacted neighborhoods."

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3. Meet Jacob Johnson of Calyan Wax Co. in Mansfield

By: Voyage Dallas

"Jacob, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. Human trafficking caught my attention back in 2014. Since then, I have been obsessed with creating simple ways for everyday people to help tackle this issue. I found (and continue to find) incredible organizations working to end trafficking. I simply want to help them do more of what they are best at by providing the funds and awareness they need. To accomplish this, I needed to create a business that could offer something of true value– a product people could fall in love with and feel good about buying. Perhaps most importantly, a product you’ve used before and could afford.

Candles fit the bill on all accounts. I found myself in the candles business. No, I did not grow up dreaming about wax and fragrances. But I do see candles as an incredible product which, in our case, can lead to big social change. For that reason, I love candles.

I founded Calyan Wax Co. in May 2017. A company founded to serve others and put an end to human trafficking. A company that cares deeply for its employees. A company that stands behind its craft, consistently pursuing excellence in our products."

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4. Dallas Bound: Nonprofit JUST Makes Investments to Female Entrepreneurs Based on Trust

By: Dallas Innovates, Alex Edwards

"JUST is on a mission to rewrite the “story of opportunity” in Texas, one woman at a time.

The Austin-based nonprofit, which solely supports female entrepreneurs to create more resilient communities, has announced it’s headed north for the team’s first-ever expansion of operations.

“We have been, and continue to be, so inspired by the community here in Austin with the program that we’ve built and changes we’re seeing in our community of really deserving female entrepreneurs,” CEO Steve Wanta told Dallas Innovates. “We’ve always felt that if we figure out part of the solution, we have a responsibility to serve as many people as possible.”

Part of that, he says, eventually led to thinking about what the next Texas market would be.

“Hindsight 2020, had I known what I know today, Dallas would have been an easy decision,” he says, noting that the JUST team also explored San Antonio and Houston. “The community that has shown up to invite us into Dallas is nothing short of remarkable.”

JUST provides low-income, hardworking women access to capital, coaching, and a supportive community. The intent is to alleviate poverty by helping women grow stronger businesses, build confidence, form better money habits, and increase their social capital. It’s a learn-do model: Beyond the repayment of a loan, JUST’s improved client outcomes will lead to its entrepreneurs increasing their savings.

In doing so, JUST says it hopes to move toward “a more just world.”

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5. Monica Buskuhl: Giving Purpose to Beauty Samples

By: Dallas Doing Good, Mary Martin

"Monica named her new cause FACE Foundation - creating the acronym around the idea of Fellowship Advocating Compassion & Empowerment. “It’s not just about donating, but getting others to be involved in the process,” Monica explained. “I started hosting FACE parties - people will bring donations and make bags with their kids so everyone can take part in giving back.” To provide dignity and security for the women receiving the gifts, Monica makes quiet drop-off deliveries to partner organizations like Genesis Women's Shelter, The Family Place, Mosaic Family Services, and The Bridge. She is also pursuing a personal volunteer role at Mosaic to learn more about the families they serve."

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