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Weekly Reader March 29,2019

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

1. How Trauma and Homelessness are Linked

By: KERA, Christopher Connelly

"Stories of experiencing trauma are extremely common among women with kids who experience homelessness, according to Carol Klocek, the CEO of the Center for Transforming Lives in Fort Worth. It can take many forms, most commonly sexual assault or domestic violence. She says more than 90 percent of women who become homeless have a history of trauma."

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2. Report Estimates Nearly 15,000 Children Face Homelessness in Tarrant County

By: KERA, Christopher Connelly

"Nearly 15,000 children experience homelessness over the course of a year in Tarrant County – enough to fill 27 Fort Worth middle schools – and few live in shelters or sleep on the street, according to a new report from the Center for Transforming Lives. The report draws on data from federal agencies and local Tarrant County school districts."

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3. Café Momentum x Ruthie's Rolling Café: Not a Normal Food Truck

By: Dallas Doing Good, Mary Martin

"Chad Houser, Founder, CEO, and Executive Chef of Café Momentum took to the stage during a family-style dinner of North Carolina whole hog barbecue to announce that Ruthie’s Rolling Café will be the newest externship opportunity for students graduating from the Café Momentum program. For Chad, the opportunity for his graduates to work in a mission-focused business like Ruthie’s is speaking belief and confidence over students who have left the juvenile justice system with little of either. "

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4. Big Bets Are Important. But So Is a Big Heart.

By: SSIR, David Callahan

"An appetite for risk may be philanthropy’s top competitive advantage—or at least it should be. Too often, though, funders play things safe instead, which is why it is encouraging to watch deep-pocketed newcomers embrace risk and see how this has reenergized some legacy foundations, such as the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation."

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5. The urban farm that grows hope can be found at the Dallas Farmers Market

By: Dallas Culture Map

"Did you know that Dallas is home to one of the largest urban farms in America? Bonton Farms is located in a food desert in South Dallas, where access to fresh, healthy food is limited, but it has invested in its people to restore health, create jobs, and ignite hope."

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