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Weekly Reader March 22, 2019

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

1. Homeless Counts Continue to Rise in Dallas and Collin Counties

By: KERA, Syeda Hasan

"Like the 2018 count, Dallas and Collin counties saw a 9 percent jump in overall homelessness. There was also an 11 percent increase in the number of people who have been homeless for at least a year — what's known as chronic homelessness.

On any given night, there are more than 4,500 homeless people in those two counties. More than 400 of them are veterans, says Carl Falconer, president and CEO of the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance. "

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2. Brit Rose: The Boutique that Gives Back

By: Dallas Doing Good, Mary Martin

"With a plan to find a sustainable fundraising method that would support suicide awareness and mental health nonprofits, Tori jumped into starting an online boutique, funneling all the profits to her newly-established foundation. “I didn’t want to be dependent on the fundraising season and wanted to find a way to FUN-raise year-round,” Tori said. With help from her family, Tori grew her digital clothing boutique and in 2015 opened her first brick and mortar storefront in Jacksonville, FL. The store flourished, with shoppers finding unique pieces, as well as a unique way to give back."

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3. An All-Organic Cafe Employing Former Foster Kids Opens Monday on Lowest Greenville

By: Dallas Observer, Beth Rankin

"The "kind cafe" was created by Francois Reihani, a 23-year-old entrepreneur who founded Bar Stellar on Henderson and was a co-founder of Pok the Raw Bar in West Village. In 2017, Reihani also founded the We Are One Project, with a mission to "provide a place of employment for foster youth who have turned 18 and are no longer receiving assistance," according to the release. "La La Land Kind Café is employing foster youth that struggle to find or maintain a job.""

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4. Technological Tricks Can Help End Sex Trafficking: Former IBM Vice President

By: USA Today, Geoffrey Rogers

"With Robert Kraft’s recent charges of soliciting prostitution, many Americans are becoming aware for the first time of the dark underworld of sex trafficking in this country. But trafficking doesn’t just take place in massage parlors. The grim reality is that if I pulled out my phone right now, day or night, I could have a woman or even a child at my home or office within thirty minutes. And there would be a strong possibility that, however willing she might seem, she would not be there by choice. But technology hasn’t just made trafficking women and children for sex easier — it’s also how we can stop it."

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5. Pearl #3: Why is What Matters

Blog post by: The Women's Bean Project

"“Why” gets to the emotion of our work, our reason for being. If we forget our why, the what and how of our work matters less. At the Bean Project we know employment is the key to women’s future success. And we believe learning to work by working is essential."

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6. Giving City: New Tech Helps Identify Trafficking Victims

By: Statesmen, George Murray

"The Austin-based nonprofit Allies Against Slavery has developed new technology to help social service agencies identify victims of human trafficking. The screening tool, called Lighthouse, makes it possible for organizations to quickly and effectively identify whether their clients are being exploited."

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