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Weekly Reader March 15, 2019

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

1. Why Changing Juvenile Corrections is Critical to American Criminal Justice

By: Steve Goldbloom

"Prison reform is a major topic within the national political conversation. For many incarcerated people, the path to jail begins in the teen years; at any given time, roughly 50,000 young people are held in juvenile prisons. Johnnie McDaniels, former executive director of the Henley-Young Juvenile Justice Center, shares a brief but spectacular take on the "revolving door" of juvenile corrections."

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2. Pearl #2: The Dignity of Work

Blog post by: Women's Bean Project

"Throughout the year, our blog series “Pearls: 30 Lessons Learned on Our 30 Year Journey” will be featuring lessons we’ve learned as an organization throughout the past three decades. These “pearls,” as we call them, illuminate how we’ve survived and thrived for 30 years. They will also highlight how we continue to inspire and be inspired by the women in our program while they are working with us and long after they’ve launched. "

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3. TxDOT Joins Statewide Effort to End Human Trafficking

By: Stephenville Empire-Tribune

"As part of a statewide effort to raise awareness, increase vigilance and report signs of human trafficking, the Texas Department of Transportation, in partnership with the Office of the Governor, law enforcement and industry partners, is launching its “On the Road to End Human Trafficking” initiative."

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4. DFPS Releases 2018 Data Book

By: The Casa Voice

"DFPS recently released its 2018 Data Book, which contains both statewide and local statistics on the CPS system in Texas."

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5. Texas Women's Foundation Invested a Record $4.6M in 2018 and Plans an Additional $5M in 2019

By: The Texas Women's Foundation

"Texas Women’s Foundation (formerly Dallas Women’s Foundation) announced that it invested a record $4,644,115 during fiscal year 2018 in programs and projects designed to transform Texas for women and girls. A catalyst for positive change across the state, the organization raises funds for statewide research, advocacy and programming to unlock economic security and leadership opportunities for women, girls and their families."

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