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Weekly Reader April 5, 2019

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

1. Here are Better Ways to Lower the Risk Kids Will Fall Prey to Sex Traffickers

By: Dallas Morning News Editorial

"A person who is trying to flee the clutches of a sex trafficker or living dangerously on the streets is just one bad decision away from a life in modern-day slavery.

This is why we are pleased that a new study sponsored by the office of Gov. Greg Abbott and conducted by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin casts a light on the victims. A key conclusion: More needs to be done to establish better safety nets to identify and rescue those in sex slavery."

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2. We Must Stop Arresting Sex Trafficking Victims and Focus on Pimps

By: Dallas Morning News, Jenny Manrique

"Women lured into prostitution often are the only ones paying the legal consequences of this crime. Traffickers exploit women in the streets, in nightclubs, massage parlors, hotels and through online offers, but they know how to remain hands-off in case of a police bust.

So in most cases, the girls are the ones paying. They are the ones who get arrested and become registered as convicted sex criminals for life."

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3. A Cookbook That Can Bring Us All Together

By: D Magazine, Kathy Wise

“Fourth grade is kind of a magical age,” says Wesley Prep teacher Lori Cousino, explaining the origins of Our Common Table, her students’ cookbook collaboration with Bonton Farms and Cafe Momentum. “We can read really great novels and watch TED Talks and have deep discussions, and they have these fresh ideas and fresh eyes looking at the world.”

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4. Leading from Behind to Address the Affordable Housing Crisis and Homelessness

By: Center for Effective Philanthropy, Amanda Andere

"The affordable housing crisis isn’t new. It isn’t even an “emerging” crisis. Our country has been in the midst of it for decades and neighbors in our communities who are living in poverty are suffering the most from its effects, putting them at risk of experiencing homelessness."

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5. $50,000 grant will help Yoga N Da Hood expand to more Dallas elementary schools

By: Dallas Morning News, Tommy Noel

"Now, thanks to a $50,000 grant from the Dallas Foundation, Smith is looking forward to training 300 more teachers to help expand the program from 310 to nearly 3,000 students.

The philanthropic foundation chose Smith's program as the 2019 recipient of its Pegasus Prize, recognizing nonprofits that address community needs in innovative ways.

"The tools to practice self-love and a healthy lifestyle should be accessible to all our children," Matthew Randazzo, the foundation's president and CEO, said in a written statement. "The Pegasus Prize will enable Yoga N Da Hood to expand their programs by training and certifying other educators and after-school providers in their Mindful Movement programming.""

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