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The Road to Innovation Podcast, Episode 9: Rebecca Bender- Changing culture to end sex trafficking

Sex trafficking survivor, Rebecca Bender is our guest on this episode of The Road To Innovation. Rebecca talks about her experience and what she is doing now to help other victims. She is the CEO and Founder of the non-profit Rebecca Bender Initiative with programs that help equip community professionals with trainings, curriculum writing and provides an online school for survivors of human trafficking.

About The Rebecca Bender Initiative: 

Rebecca Bender, CEO & Founder, RBI, Survivor Leader and Author of In Pursuit of Love, Rebecca thought she found her fairytale when she moved to Las Vegas with her boyfriend. But her dream became her nightmare when her boyfriend became her pimp at the age of 19. Trapped in a life of chaos, coerced into prostitution, abused and controlled by her trafficker, Rebecca was forced into sex trafficking for nearly six years. Many attempted escapes, two brandings, and several pimps later, Federal Investigators raided the home, allowing her an eventual avenue for escape.

These days, Rebecca can be found either telling her story or helping others tell their own. Her trainings on this underground world are highly sought after by FBI, Homeland Security, undercover, SVU, medical professional and prosecutors. She speaks on leadership and founding non-profits, serves on the United States National Advisory Committee, Dept of Justice Human Trafficking Advisory Council, and the board of Exodus Cry.

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