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The Road to Innovation Podcast, Episode 6: Every Woman is Worthy

In this episode of The Road to Innovation, we introduce you to The Worthy Co., a sister non-profit under The Net FW that helps and employs trafficking, prostitution and addiction survivors in Fort Worth, TX.

We sit down with Melissa Ice, the Founder & Executive Director of The Net FW and The Worthy Co., and Sarah Bowden, the Director of Operations for the Net FW & The Worthy Co. Both of these women talk about the meaning and purpose behind their business.

About The Worthy Co.:

The Worthy Co is a social enterprise that offers women who have survived trafficking, prostitution, and addiction safe and supportive employment. Every purchase helps more women come off the street and into recovery!

About The Net FW:

"Our mission is to develop healthy, restorative relationships with the people in our community who need a network of support the most. Through our three core programs, special events, and more we are able to provide 38 relationship building events every single month. Everyone in Fort Worth deserves to be seen, known, and loved, and it’s The Net’s job to make sure that’s the case."

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