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The Road to Innovation Podcast, Episode 16: Finding Common Ground with Heart Words

On this episode of The Road To Innovation we have very special guests from Wesley Prep and Heart House. Lori Cousino, Founder of Common Ground Experiment and 4th grade teacher at Wesley Prep, along with Christina Park, Site Manager at Heart House talk about their most recent Common Ground project "Heart Words."

Students from Heart House and Wesley Prep helped write and illustrate the book, and the students also chimed in on what it means to them and the message they hope the world will hear and embrace.

About The Common Ground Experiment: 

"The Common Ground Experiment grew out of a desire to combat polarization and marginalization in our community. Each year, Wesley Prep 4th grade students curate a new creative project with someone new, and each year our circle of common ground grows."

To learn more about Common Ground Dallas and to purchase a book:

About Heart House:

Heart House is a nonprofit that provides safety, education and opportunity to refugee and underprivileged children. Heart House provides interventions and support services to move students from a mindset of chaos to an oasis of calm.

To learn more about Heart House, please visit:

Lori Cousino is also featured on Episode 5 of the Road to Innovation Podcast. You can listen to that episode here:

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