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The Road to Innovation, Episode One: These candles are changing lives!

On the first episode of The Road to Innovation, Hannah Rabalais, program officer at the Kleinert Foundation sits down with the Founder and Director of Calyan Wax Co., Jacob Johnson and Stephen Engstrom, Marketing and Promotions to discuss how they are impacting lives of human trafficking survivors accross Texas, one candle at a time.

In this conversation, Jacob provides fantastic insight into running a business with a bigger purpose, delves into the lessons learned and the growing pains of scaling a successful business.

About Calyan Wax Co. 

“Mission: To craft incredible candles that are safe for your home and to help end human trafficking in America.

We believe humans should not be treated as commodities. Every person should be treated with dignity. We invite you to “kindle dignity” by simply enjoying a Calyan candle.

We partner with organizations that have a proven record of tangible, gritty, restorative, “in the field” work being done. People who understand that broken relationships, lack of economic opportunity, and a “fatherless” society are some of the driving factors for the demand and supply of humans for sale.

Their current nonprofit partner, they donate to is Traffick911.

To purchase candles and support their mission, please visit:

To learn more about Traffick911, please visit:

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