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Episode 14: Advancing economic and leadership opportunities for women and girls in Texas

On this episode of The Road to Innovation, we hear from the President and CEO of Texas Women's Foundation, Roslyn Dawson Thompson. We talk about Texas Women's Foundation's mission to advance economic and leadership opportunities for women and girls in Texas. We also discussed how COVID-19 has impacted nonprofit organizations, women and girls across the state of Texas.

"It is faith in the future that will carry us through the present. And I for one, absolutely believe that this is an opportunity for us to relook at our world with a new set of eyes." – Roslyn Dawson Thompson.

About Texas Women’s Foundation:

"We are a leading driver of meaningful social and economic change for women, girls and families in Texas. We leverage research, advocacy, innovative programs and solutions, and grantmaking to further our mission. We work to achieve our vision of an equitable society where women and girls are full participants. We celebrate every milestone that has helped us reach this point:

  • We have awarded $46.6 million in grants over 34 years

  • Since 2013, we have awarded over $27.6 million in grants, and over $7 million in strategic grants supporting women’s economic security and leadership.

  • Since 2013, we have impacted 90,000 women and families who have benefited from our leadership and economic security initiatives.

  • We are one of the largest women’s funds in the world with assets over $36 million.

  • We have deployed 100% of our assets – endowments, operating investments and donor-advised funds – in a gendered impact portfolio that yields strong financial returns and measurable social benefits to women and girls.

As a community-supported foundation, under the collective guidance and expertise of Foundation Staff and a Board of Directors who represent the diverse interests of the communities we serve, we are sharply focused on achieving our Mission, Vision and Values."

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