Do not be interested only in your own life but be interested in the lives of others.  Philippians 2:4


We established the foundation in 2017 with the belief that our family is strongest when we work together to help others.  Creating the foundation has provided us structure and purpose to increase our collective impact.  As our parents did before us, we seek to become change-makers doing our part to make a difference. 


We also believe that foundations have a responsibility to do their own research and due diligence, assuming this role with both intelligence and integrity.  We take this responsibility seriously and strive to better understand the challenges facing North Texas as we partner with others to identify and support solutions. 


The Kleinert Foundation portfolio of grant recipients will include those with a long history of Kleinert support that have a consistent record of addressing specific needs.  We will also strive to work with new and emerging organizations that show promise for addressing issues and challenges more effectively than existing organizations.  We may take some calculated risks and support the creation and launching of new charitable organizations when such an approach is compelling and the best way to accomplish an important objective.  While as a family we have many shared interests, we each have our own perspectives and passions.  Therefore, the Foundation giving will reflect the diverse interests of our individual family members.  The goal is that each and every contribution will have a unique longstanding impact and support creative and collaborative thinking. 


In partnership,

The Kleinert Family