Do not be interested only in your own life but be interested in the lives of others.  Philippians 2:4

We established the foundation in 2017 with the belief that our family is strongest when we work together to help others.  Creating the foundation has provided us structure and purpose to increase our collective impact.  As our parents did before us, we seek to become change-makers doing our part to make a difference. 


We also believe that foundations have a responsibility to do their own research and due diligence, assuming this role with both intelligence and integrity.  We take this responsibility seriously and strive to better understand the challenges facing North Texas as we partner with others to identify and support solutions. 


Cynammon Burns Allen

Cynammon has known the Kleinert Family for the majority of her life and she has had a front row seat to their generosity and commitment to those most vulnerable within the Dallas community. The Kleinerts have impacted so many lives with their fervent philanthropy and they have done so without the need for public acknowledgement or recognition. Cynammon has always had a desire to give back and serve the community in which she was raised. And she has seen first-hand how important families like the Kleinerts impact the Dallas community by providing opportunities to the most vulnerable people within Dallas. Joining the Kleinert Foundation will enable Cynammon to expand her own ability to impact not only her community, but other communities within Dallas, and provide Cynammon the philanthropic experiences that she has longed for her entire life.   

Program Officer

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