The Kleinert Foundation believes in the power of community and the transformation that can happen when groups of people come together towards a common good.


Founded in June of 2017 by Ashlee and Chris Kleinert, The Kleinert Foundation is a private family foundation with the mission of serving populations in need of a chance.


Our values of Compassion, Innovation, Collaboration, Resource, and Community align and strengthen our collective identity.  These values reflect our founders’ inspiration, character, and influence. While the Foundation will continue to evolve to ensure we are relevant and effective, our values will inform our decision-making.


The foundation is a member of the Peak Grantmaking Southwest chapter and the Social Enterprise Alliance.


Philanthropy is a privilege and opportunity. The board will conduct itself with integrity and compassion. We will remain devoted to the family’s legacy, yet we will impart our authentic perspective and experience.


Community is a Cornerstone. We will concentrate our investments in areas where we can build and be involved in the community.


Collaboration is essential in our decision-making. We are not here to reinvent the wheel, but rather add value through strategic partnerships and leveraging of opportunities.


Compassion leads our work. We intend to positively impact the communities in which we live by working with vulnerable populations to restore dignity.


Innovation is key. By focusing on the greater Dallas area and vulnerable populations at the intersection of complex issues, we welcome new approaches to create sustainable solutions.


Leveraging our intellectual and social capital magnifies our grantmaking. We convene groups of people together to strengthen organizations in our focus areas and share ideas to reduce redundancy and improve efficiency models.


Calculated risks are necessary. By conducting due diligence, asking the right questions and surrounding ourselves with quality people and organizations, we can be leaders with significant impact.


Our logo design is inspired by the look and meaning of rams and wellsprings. Rams symbolize determination, action, initiative, and leadership. Wellsprings represent an original and bountiful source of something. Those both spoke to the guiding principles of our foundation. The subtle cross in the center is a reference to our faith in Jesus Christ, which is at the center of all that we do. We chose green as our core branding color because it is the color of life and also symbolizes growth and harmony.